Obviously, you don’t want passwords like “Password1” , “12345” or “B0$$m4n!”, but do I really need passwords like “A{t’!!?h7Ls5X*H/UMXp>hpT#:%+;,i”? That would take 435 trillion years to crack?

If the average lifespan is 70-something and people don’t usually go beyond 100, no, my target password should take a centuries to crack. Not eons.

But even the 8-character, lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols doesn’t cut it. This ain’t 1980.

A password like, “cM3/p4Fv” can be cracked in a few hours.

When it comes to passwords, more length=more good. Length=strength.

Even a password like, “fcsdugbvyhijud”, (14 alphabetic characters) would take centeries to crack.

Something like “gb8y70pk5th6t7yj” seems like a good compromise (16 alphanumeric characters). Centuries to crack + a little more complexity for advances in technology + easy to manually type if you had to.

These bodies ain’t gonna last forever.

Head over to the Password Strength Testing Tool at bitwarden for more information.