I wasted years trying to “figure out” 9/11. Who knew what. Who had ties to what company. Who had defense contracts. Who said what and when. What contries were involved. Where various people were at different times. The videos. The eyewitness accounts. Phantom planes. Military aircraft. Thermite. Directed Energy Weapons. Most everything. You know what I found?


Here’s the one and only FACT you need to know about 9/11.

Nobody would dispute that, according to the official story, terrorists seized control of airplanes and flew them into buildings, specifically the World Trade Center skyscrapers in New York.

The WTC tower weighed about 500,000 tons (1,000,000,000 pounds).

A 767 jet is about 500,000 pounds, fully loaded.

We’re told that an aluminum object hit a steel object 2,000x the weight, made a nice, neat hole and then proceeded inside. Stay with me, and let’s do a little experiment.

You know those blue, steel, postal collection boxes? Weighs about 200 pounds? Since we don’t have a skyscraper handy, let’s use that for comparison. A blue, collection box is representing our skyscraper. So, we’re looking for an aluminum object that weighs 2000x less than our steel mailbox to represent our plane. 200/2000=0.1 pounds.

But wait! The steel of a mailbox is about 1/4″ thick. A steel I-beam for skyscraper construction is 12″ thick or more. So, 48x thinner.

We’re also told that the planes were going about 500mph. Even a fastball from a major league pitcher is only about 100mph. You can probably only throw something 50mph. So, 10x faster.

If we take 0.1 pounds / 48 X 10 we get 0.0208 pounds.

Hmm, we’re looking for an aluminum object that’s 0.0208 pounds. Let’s see…

An empty, aluminum, soda can is about 0.3125 pounds. Close, but about 15x too heavy.

Altoids tin? About 0.0625 pounds. 3x as heavy. Tin is a little more dense, too. But the body of a plane is more rigid than the wall of an aluminum can, anyway. It kinda works. Let’s say that the body is 2/3 of the weight and the lid is 1/3 of the weight. We’ll just use the lid.

(I can’t think of other, common, aluminum objects weighing less)

So, an airplane hitting the WTC, making a hole and proceeding inside is like you throwing an Altoids tin LID through the side of and into a blue, steel, postal, collection box.

If you know that it’s impossible to throw a Altoids lid through and into a blue, steel, postal, collection box (do you have any, critical thinking left?), why are you putting any stock in anything 9/11?

Come to think of it, why, then, do you put stock in any, ‘official story’ or what information is forcefed to you?