I implore you – mentally disconnect with this world 110% and then some. Like, yesterday. It might even be too late. It’s a sick, cursed illusion of a place. Most all of it being a lie. Politics. Consumerism. The News. Celebrity. Even Technology, Science and History can’t be trusted. It’s all bullshit. Focus on the metaphysical. Get in touch with your spiritual side. And I don’t know if a hokey picture of old, robed, bearded dude on a cloud is going to cut it. Make sure that your heart is walking the walk and not just talking the talk. “Look, we did all these things in your name!” “Go from me! I never knew you.” (a nod to Matthew 7:21-23)

Share the teachings, peace, righteousness and sanctification of Jesus. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. I can only say that you can’t see everything that’s going on behind the scenes with your eyes.


“Quantum of Conscious” on YouTube has some interesting information.

Also “A Call For An Uprising” on YouTube.

Learn to spot the symbols.